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Table of Contents

From Patriots: Revolutionary Culture

Ben Franklin's Academy
  • Education During Revolutionary Times
Music of the Revolution
  • Music of the Revolution
Dancing in the Colonies
  • Dancing in the Colonies
  • The Virginia Reel
  • The Virginia Reel: Schemetic
Poetry of the Revolution
  • Poetry of the Revolution
  • A Revolution Poem
Spelling Bee
  • They Said What?
A Portrait of George Washington
  • Washington's Portrait
Revolution Mobiles
  • Sample Mobile
Illustrated Quilting Bee
  • Sample Quilt
Designing Patriotic Flags
  • Designing Patriotic Flags
  • America's First Flags
Political/Cultural Broadsides
  • Political/Cultural Broadsides
  • Sample Broadsides
Amusements and Frolics
  • Amusements and Frolics
"Ye Olde Almanack"
  • "Ye Olde Almanack"
  • Sample Almanac Designs