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IT'S YOUR FUTUREPrepare students for living independently and managing their own finances


Will You Survive Financially?

By Joan James. Transporting students forward in time to prepare for their future as young adults, this innovative simulation has them "become" 18-year-old recent high school graduates who have to live independently and manage their own finances. Challenges confronted include paying their own bills, holding down a minimum-wage job, and saving money for college. Students also have to keep accurate records of their finances as they learn the cost of rent, security deposits, car payments, gas, liability insurance, utilities, cell phones, cable, Internet service, and food. Includes pre- and post-assessments, a vocabulary quiz, extension activities, and an answer key. Grades 4–12. Time required: 2–3 weeks. Interact. 72 pages. ©2018.

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