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World History Computer Simulations

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Competitive, active-learning scenarios played out on electronic game boards provide a fun way to demonstrate to students what life was like in the past, why civilizations developed as they did, and how historical outcomes are not inevitable but contingent on the choices people make. Students assume the roles of everyday people from past eras and work in teams to vie for primacy in historical settings and situations, learning core content, important concepts, and cooperative-learning and decision-making skills along the way. For assessment, students (1) begin by writing a first-person "history" of the time period that traces the conflicts, developments, and actions taken during the simulation, and then (2) act as historians by composing a secondary-source history in which they use other students' papers as primary sources. The PowerPoint®-based simulations are ideal for interactive whiteboards but also good for classrooms with a computer attached to a projector. Grades 6–12. Interact. ©2012.

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  • Windows: Windows XP or later versions, Microsoft Office 2007 or later versions
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.6 or later versions, PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or later versions
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