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BETRAYEDStudents discuss native relations in the U.S. government


An Exploration of the Betrayal of 19th-Century Native American Leaders by the U.S. Government

In this simulation, students assume the identities of various Native American leaders (Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Crazy Horse, and nine others). Working in groups, students first research tribal traditions and turbulent relations with the U.S. government (including mapping, timeline, and art activities), then tell their "leader's" story at a culminating powwow followed by a Socratic debriefing. The substantial teacher's guide provides objectives, complete procedures, biographical readings and other reproducible handouts, and assessment tips. Student guides contain a background essay, a project checklist, and graphic organizers. The simulation can be run either as a five-day unit or a 12-day unit. Grades 5–11. Interact. 93 pages. © 2002.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 5–8

Common Core correlations, Grades 9–11Interact1 64552 62474

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