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World History Computer Review Games

Competitions make content review fun for students as they engage in process-of-elimination contests with a historical flavor—all played out on PowerPoint®-based electronic game boards. Working in teams, students have to correctly respond to short-answer, multiple-choice, and term-definition questions on core topics and key concepts. Ideal for interactive whiteboards but also good for classrooms with a computer attached to a projector. All the PowerPoints® are editable, so teachers can modify the questions or add ones of their own. Grades 6–12. Interact. ©2012–13.

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System requirements:

  • Windows: Windows XP or later versions, Microsoft Office 2007 or later versions
  • Mac: Mac OS 10.6 or later versions, PowerPoint for Mac 2011 or later versions
Titles in this series:

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
INT530CD-WBINT COMPLETE SET: 11 review games on 1 CD-ROM $176.85

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