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A Simulation of Human Exploration of Our Solar System's Fourth Planet

Students write research briefs, analyze the effects of space travel on the body, evaluate possible signs of life, and participate in quiz bowl-style debriefings in this simulation of a mission to the red planet. In cooperative groups representing various nations, students role play crew members-mission commander, science officer, medical officer, and military officer-who confront various issues and react to Fate Cards that may change the nature of the mission. The 76-page teacher's guide contains complete procedures, handout masters, and assessments, and incorporates a reproducible 16-page student guide providing role descriptions, briefings, and mission orders and data. The full simulation runs for 14 class periods, but Phase 1 on preflight preparations may stand alone. Grades 5–9. Further reading.8½" x 11". Interact. Second Edition.

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INT804-WBINT 9781573360890 Simulation $59.95
INT804SG-WBINT 9781560044215 35 printed student guides (optional) $39.95
INT804E-WBINT 9781573360890 Downloadable version (1.8 MB) $59.95

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