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GOOGLE EARTH GLOBAL STUDIESStudents create maps to support persuasive arguments


Navigating Geography and Global Studies Through Interactive Learning

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Address high-interest global issues while practicing core geography skills by using Google Earth's dynamic satellite imagery software. Each unit furnishes students with a map overlay file on which they affix placemarkers for specific cities and regions, using tools within the software to draw routes, highlight specific areas, and measure distances. Each lesson has students role-play different advisors, for example a National Security Advisor, an advisor to the U.N., or a political pundit. Assessment is based on how they perform this role and their accompanying recommendations. The units provide objectives, time requirements, differentiation tips, warm-up questions, debriefings, assessments (with rubrics), extension activities, student handouts, and two map overlay files (one for students, one as an answer key). Grades 6–12. Interact. ©2011.

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